Levi’s TV Ad Song – Let’s Live How We Dance

Levi’s Commercial Song 2017 – Music and singer details to Levi’s current ‘Circles – Let’s Live How We Dance’ YouTube and TV ad spot.

Song Title: Makeba.

Artist/Singer: Jain.

Available To Download Via: iTunes, Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

This ‘Circles’ advert from Levi’s is designed to celebrate peoples individuality and connectedness through music, dance and fashion.

The song featured in this commercial for the denim clothing brand is called ‘Makeba’ and is performed by French singer-songwriter Jain. Makeba was released for download back in 2015 and gave Jain a number 7 hit in her home country.

Levi’s extended 90-second version of their ‘Circles’ commercial (above) was posted to the brands YouTube channel on the 18th of August, 2017 and has so far been viewed there more than 20 million times.

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