LEGO CITY Undercover Trailer Song – ‘Join The Chase’ Video Game Commercial

LEGO CITY Undercover Commercial Song – Soundtrack and band details to the official 2017 trailer for the police-themed action-adventure LEGO game.

Song Title: Electric Groove.

Singer/Band: Lazerhawk.

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This new trailer for LEGO CITY Undercover gives players a preview of the games storyline and cutscenes, as well as showing some of its recent reviews and ratings.

Although the above video was posted to the official PlayStation YouTube channel, the game will also be coming out for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PC.

The game was originally released back in 2013 for the Wii U.

At the time of writing this, an exact release date for LEGO CITY Undercover has yet to be announced.

Although as the trailer points out, you’ll be able to ‘Join The Chase’ sometime this Spring.

This open-world game sees players take on the role of Chase McCain, a police officer who goes on an undercover mission to track down the notorious and recently escaped criminal Rex Fury, in order to bring his city-wide crime spree to an end.

The soundtrack to this advert is provided by the American band Lazerhawk, performing their single ‘Electric Groove’. The song is taken from the groups 2010 album ‘Redline’.

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