Lavazza Advert Music – ‘Jump Back’ Prontissimo Commercial

Lavazza Advert Music 2016 – Song information for the Italian coffee brands ‘There’s More To Taste’ Prontissimo TV ad.

Song Title: Jump Back.

Lavazza’s new prontissimo commercial features a version of the song ‘Jump Back’.

The track was originally written and recorded in this form in 1964 by the American rhythm and blues singer Rufus Thomas. However, the song dates back much earlier than that, under the title ‘Twenty Four Robbers’.

With so many artists having recorded a cover of Jump Back over the years, it was hard to establish who’s performing the version played in the advert. However, it does now appear to be a new re-recording.

Although the vocals are clearly different, a recording by The Spencer Davis Group does at least have a similar up-tempo style. You can preview and download this version from Amazon and iTunes.

The lyrics from Jump Back sung in the advert are: ‘Last night, the night before (jump back, baby, jump back). Twenty four robbers at my door (jump back, baby jump back). I got up to let ’em in (jump back, baby jump back). Hit ’em on the head with a rollin’ pin (jump back, baby jump back). Downtown sycamore town, (jump back, baby jump back). Oh, jump back, baby jump back. Oh, jump back, baby jump back. Oh jump, jump. Well I went back home to get some sleep (jump back, baby jump back).’

This commercial for Lavazza Prontissimo was posted to the Italian coffee brands YouTube page on the 1st of March, 2016.

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