Lavazza Advert Song and Lyrics – ‘Ode To Coffee’ Commercial

Lavazza Commercial Song 2017 – Music and lyrics details for the Italian coffee brands new ‘Ode To Coffee’ YouTube and TV advert.

Original Song Title: My Girl.

Original Singers: The Temptations.

Download The Original Version From: iTunes or Amazon.

Lavazza’s latest TV advert features a reworded cover of the classic Motown song ‘My Girl’ by the The Temptations.

Unlike some other TV ads that rework and existing song with new product-themed lyrics, such as the recent Paddy Power advert, Lavazza’s ‘Ode To Coffee’ is itself performed by a great sounding singer, making the song very pleasant to listen to in its own right.

The new lyrics we hear performed in this Lavazza commercial are:

Italian Coffee, to uplift your day.
When you want advice, or to convince these men.
To forgive, or to confess.
That your doctor, is more than a friend.
Coffee, coffee, coffee
Talks around a great coffee.

If you have a new colleague, that you want to impress.
If you need some support, before texting your ex.
From Turin, to L.A.
Gossip, business, more than friends.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Talks around a great coffee.

The above full length, 1:20 version of this commercial was posted to the official Lavazza YouTube channel on the 6th of February, 2017.

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