Kia XCeed Advert – Run Free

Set to a piece of music that reminds us a little of ‘I’ve Gotta Be Me’ by Sammy Davis Jr., this new Kia XCeed TV advert sees men and women running as fast as they can to the nearest Kia showroom to get behind the wheel of this technologically-advanced compact family SUV. The ad video features the tagline ‘It won’t be a secret for long’.

Despite this latest Kia XCeed advert song sounding like a classic Broadway musical number or big band tune, we are currently still working on identifying the commercial music title and identifying for certain the singer’s name.

This song includes the lyrics “Remember our love. Our love is invincible. We wanna run free” and we’ll add all the artist details to this post as soon as we get them.

6 September 2019

TV Advert Songs
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