KFC – New Ricebox

Song and singer info for the KFC ‘New Ricebox’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Modern Girl.

Artist/Singer: Sheena Easton.

Available to Preview or Download at: Amazon and iTunes.

The tune you can hear playing in this latest TV ad for the KFC Rice Box is called ‘Modern Girl’, performed by the Scottish-born singer Sheena Easton.

Released in 1980, Mordern Girl was the popstars debut single, reaching number 8 in the UK charts. The track is included on Easton’s first album ‘Take My Time’.

Listening to the full songs lyrics, you could say this track was the 80’s equivalent of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Women’.

The 56-year-old is probably best known for singing the theme music to the 12th James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’, which also peaked at number 8 in the UK singles charts. The singers biggest hit here in Britain was her second single release ‘9 to 5 (Morning Train)’, which managed number 3.

This current advert from KFC shows a modern day ‘modern girl’ packing more into her lunch break with the help of the fast food chains new Ricebox.

Whether you’re peddling away from an aggressive swan, coming up short on the basketball court, making a quick and unsuccessful attempt at learning Cantonese, getting a big new hairdo, taking on a child at an arcade racing game, skateboarding, skipping or dancing through the parks sprinklers, it appears KFC’s new Ricebox gives you all the time and energy you need.

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