KFC – ‘Astronaut Homecoming’ Supercharger Sub

Song and singer information for KFC’s new ‘Homecoming’ Supercharger Sub TV commercial.

Song Title: Outer Space.

Musician/Singer: John Grant.

Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

To mark the return of their Supercharger Sub, KFC’s new ad shows an astronaut leaving the International Space Station and heading back to earth.

Upon arriving in his capsule and before he even takes off his spacesuit, the star sailor’s straight off to KFC for a taste of the limited time meal, followed in the distance by his fellow ISS residents.

Despite the fact their Supercharger Sub returned to restaurants on the 6th of June, KFC’s traditional delay in posting their videos meant this one didn’t appear on YouTube until two days after the launch.

The song you hear playing in the advert is appropriately titled ‘Outer Space’ and is performed by the American singer-songwriter John Grant.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I think that you must be from outer space’, the track is taken from Grant’s 2010 debut solo album ‘Queen of Denmark’ and can be downloaded through Amazon and iTunes.

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