Just Eat Advert – ‘I See You Baby, Chicken Madras’

JUST EAT Advert 2015/2016 – Video and music details for the new ‘Chicken Madras’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Original Song Title: I See You Baby.

Artist/Singer: Groove Armada featuring Gram’ma Funk.

Download The Original Song From: Amazon and iTunes.

Following on from Just Eat’s recent ‘I Need a Balti’ ad, the same couple are back ordering more Indian takeaway, but this time it’s the woman’s turn to get carried away.

The actress in the advert, who’s name I believe is Rachel Gay, certainly earns her fee for this one. After playing the sensible character in the Balti Rocks advert, roles have now been reversed as she breaks into a full on curry-themed dance routine.

Working it in a tight-fitting silver outfit, all these moves are performed while she sings a reworded version of Groove Armada’s 1999 song ‘I See You Baby’. Taking away the words ‘I see you baby, shakin’ that ass’, Just Eat replaces them with the new lyrics ‘I see you baby, chicken madras, chicken madras, chicken madras. Waohh, you drive me crazy, chicken madras, chicken madras’. By the end of the routine, she’s left feeling hot in more ways than one.

Featuring vocals by Gram’ma Funk, Groove Armada’s ‘I See You Baby’ was later remixed by DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim. This version is also available to download from iTunes and Amazon.

The above ‘Madras, Baby!’ ad was uploaded to JUST EAT’s YouTube channel on the 22nd of December, 2015.

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