JUST EAT Advert Music – ‘I Need a Balti’

JUST EAT Advert Music 2015 – Song and lyrics info for the new Balti Rocks! mini fist pump TV commercial.

Original Song Title: Holding Out For A Hero.

Artist/Singer: Bonnie Tyler.

Download the Original Track From: iTunes and Amazon.

JUST EAT’s latest TV ad features a reworded version of Bonnie Tyler’s classic 80’s power ballad ‘Holding Out For A Hero’.

This curry themed cover includes the new lyrics ‘I need a balti. I’m holding out for a balti lamb tikka tonight. It’s got to be hot, and it’s got to be fresh, and it’s got to have mushroom fried rice, Mushroom fried rice!’ – Genius.

Continuing with the fast food apps ‘mini fist pump’ advertising campaign, the above video was uploaded to Just Eat’s YouTube channel on the 1st of October, 2015.

Back to the original ‘I need a hero’ version of the song, ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ was recorded by Welsh pop-rock vocalist Bonnie Tyler back in 1984. The fast tempo ballad was written by Jim Steinman and Dean Pitchford, and formed part of the ‘Footloose’ movie soundtrack.

As a single, the song just missed out on the top of the UK charts, peaking at number 2 in 1985.

You may also remember a cover version of Holding Out For A Hero featuring in the Shrek 2 movie. There it was performed by actress and comedienne Jennifer Saunders, starring as the Fairy Godmother.

Almost as if the record company were anticipating fresh interest in the song being generated by the Just Eat commercial, the official music video was added to Bonnie Tyler’s VEVO YouTube page just a couple of weeks ago:

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