2020 John Lewis Advert – For the Joy of Home

With people already speculating on who will be singing the 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert song, the retailer has unexpectedly gone ahead and released this new Autumn ad campaign.

Titled ‘For the Joy of Home’, this 60-second ad showcases some of John Lewis & Partners latest homeware and furniture by showing it appearing to move on its own.

It turns out though that the chairs, sofa, table, rug, and other items are in fact being moved by a couple’s children in preparation for their big show.

Song Title: The Muppet Show Theme.
Artist: The Muppets & Joanna Newsom.
Album: The Muppets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

This John Lewis advert music is an instrumental version of The Muppet Show theme song, which used to feature during the Jim Henson comedy series.


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