Jeremy Clarkson Amazon Fire TV Stick – Born To Be Wild

Amazon Fire TV Stick Advert Music – Video, song and band details for the new 2015 Jeremy Clarkson commercial.

Song Title: Born To Be Wild.

Singer/Band: Steppenwolf.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The very appropriate piece of music chosen for Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon TV ad is of course called ‘Born to Be Wild’.

The song was released back in 1968 by the Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf and featured a year later on the soundtrack to the biker movie Easy Rider.

Famously not a fan of motorbikes, Clarkson instead chooses to roll into this ad on a Segway. From there Jezza explains how he’s been passing all the spare time he’s had recently.

The former Top Gear presenter shows us all the various on-demand and catch-up services you can access through the latest Fire TV Stick. The 55-year-old then points out Demand 5, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and, yes you saw it coming, an unenthusiastic reference to BBC iPlayer.

Promoting his verdict on this piece of tech from almost perfect to perfect, Jeremy drops a little reminder that he, James May and Richard Hammond will themselves be coming to Amazon Video in 2016. Still no mention though on what the trio’s new Top Gear-style series will be titled.

If your wondering why Jezza appears in this advert alone, with no sign of either Captain Slow or The Hamster, it’s probably because the last two would rather hold on to their remaining BBC jobs.

Amidst all these sneering references by Jeremy to his former employers, there is perhaps one saving grace for the BBC – At least this advert can’t be broadcast on any of their own British TV channels.

This humorous TV commercial was uploaded to the Amazon Video UK YouTube channel in late October, 2015, proving an instant hit amongst Clarkson’s loyal fans.

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