Jeep Commercial – Surfing Crazy Passionate

Jeep Commercial Song 2017 – Video, music and band details to Jeep’s new ‘World Surf League – Count Us Crazy Passionate’ advertising campaign.

Song Title: Let’s Go Surfing.

Musicians/Band: The Drums.

Available For Download From: iTunes, and Amazon UK.

Jeep have just released their latest World Surf League-themed commercial, with the WSL being the governing body for professional surfers that is an official partner of the automobile manufacturer.

The very appropriately titled soundtrack to this ad is a song called ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ by New York indie pop band The Drums.

Featuring some rather catchy whistling, Let’s Go Surfing was released for download in 2009 as the groups debut single.

This ‘World Surf League – Crazy Passionate’ video was uploaded to the official Jeep YouTube channel on the 3rd of October, 2017.

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