Jeep Renegade Advert Music – ‘4x4ever – 75 Years’ TV Commercial

Jeep Advert Song 2016 – Soundtrack details for Jeep’s current Renegade 4×4, 75 Years TV and YouTube ad campaign.

Song Title: 4x4Ever.

Musician/Singer: Morgan Dorr.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Following on from Jeep UK’s 4×4 of the Year ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ advert a few months back, this latest ad for the Renegade features a specially commissioned piece of music.

As the ads slogan suggests, the song is called ‘4x4Ever’. The track is performed by Morgan Dorr, who also happens to be the frontman of the group Best Of Friends and a bassist with the pop rock band Boys Like Girls.

Although this 4x4ever Jeep Renegade ad has only recently begun appearing on UK television, the campaign has already been viewed by millions of people in America after airing during February’s Super Bowl. Helped by this massive exposure, the song 4x4Ever has become quite a hit in its own right.

After quickly creating such big demand, the full length version of this track was officially released for download on the 10th of February, 2016 – Three days after its Super Bowl 50 premiere.

At the time of writing this, the British version of this commercial is yet to be posted to Jeep UK’s YouTube channel but is airing regularly on TV.

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