Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Commercial

Jean Paul Gaultier Ad Music 2017 – Song, singer and model details to the French fashion designers commercial for their fragrance for women, Scandal.

Song Title: Bad Girls.

Artist/Singer: Donna Summer.

Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Jean Paul Gaultier’s new advert for their feminine fragrance Scandal stars the Hungarian model Vanessa Axente, who we see getting into a car after leaving a nightclub.

Then while travelling through Paris, Vanessa receives some significant alterations to her outfit, before arriving for an early morning formal engagement.

The song playing in this commercial is called ‘Bad Girls’ and is performed by the American singer Donna Summer.

Bad Girls was released as a single back in 1979, when it topped the US Billboard Hot 100 countdown and was the title track of Donna’s seventh studio album.

The above ‘Scandal’ video was posted to the Jean Paul Gaultier YouTube channel on the 2nd of August, 2017.

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