JD Williams Christmas 2016 – For Once In My Life (Extended Version)

JD Williams TV Ad Music, Christmas 2016 – Singer and song information for the online fashion retailers festive TV advert, starring Lorraine Kelly.

Song Title: For Once In My Life.

Musician/Singer: Alice Russell. (Cover of Stevie Wonder)

Download Stevie Wonder’s Original From: iTunes and Amazon.

JD Williams are another retailer who’ve wasted no time in releasing their Christmas 2016 TV advert which, as always, stars ITV daytime host Lorraine Kelly.

In a similar move to Simply Be, JD Williams have decided to stick with the same song that featured in their recent Autumn campaign, which in this case is a cover of Stevie Wonder’s 1968 classic ‘For Once in My Life’. Given the great vocals we hear in this new version, it’s easy to see why JD Williams have stuck with it for the festive season.

As we pointed out when covering the Autumn commercial, this new version of For Once in My Life is in fact being sung by the British soul artist Alice Russell.

Despite a few weeks having past now, Alice’s cover still doesn’t appear to have been released for download as a full length single, so it appears we’ll just have to enjoy the 60-seconds we hear in the advert.

The ads extended version above was uploaded to JD Williams YouTube channel on the 28th of October, 2016, almost two months ahead of the big day.

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