JCB Batteries Advert – Battery Force ‘Hole In the Ground’

JCB Batteries, Battery Force Advert Music – Singer and song details for the 2015 ‘You can’t put a hole where a hole don’t belong’ TV commercial.

Song Title: The Hole In the Ground.

Artist/Singer: Bernard Cribbins.

Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

This rather amusing new ad for JCB Batteries includes the 1962 tune ‘The Hole in the Ground’, performed by English actor and comedian Bernard Cribbins.

Written by Myles Rudge about a dispute between a workman and an interfering, bowler hat wearing busybody, the track originally climbed as high as number nine in the UK singles chart.

The lyrics of the song heard in the 30-second advert go like this: ‘There I was, a-digging this hole. Hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was. There was I, digging it deep. It was flat at the bottom and the sides were steep. When along comes this bloke in a bowler which he lifted and scratched his head. Whoa he looked down the hole, poor demented soul and he said. You can’t put a hole where a hole don’t belong.’

The commercial sees a young boy putting some JCB Ultra Alkaline Batteries into his toy digger, before heading out into the back garden. Later that day, the lads Mum and Dad are shocked to discover their son has dug a hole big enough to install a home swimming pool.

Apart from promoting the JCB brand as a whole, the ad basically suggests their batteries will allow you to power your gadgets and toys for a very long time before running out. The above video was added to the JCB Films YouTube channel on the 22nd of October, 2015, and soon began airing during ITV breaks.

In addition to displaying the and websites, the advert also points out that the batteries can be purchased at Asda, The Range, QD Stores, Home Bargains and The Original Factory Shop.

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