ITV Knitted Adverts – Watch the Woolly Text Santa Ad Break

ITV Knitted Ad Break – Watch all the adverts from the special Text Santa 2015 woolly commercial break.

In case you missed it on TV, or simply want to watch them again, here’s the full length ad break that shows knitted versions of some of 2015’s most popular adverts:

The line-up starts off with a ‘warm and fuzzy’ remake of ITV’s own ‘Pug having a bath in the kitchen sink’ clip. From there we see the Nationwide ‘On Your Side’ ad, which features the song ‘I’ll Keep You Safe’ by Sleeping At Last.

Then a woolly Rebel Wilson and cheetah promote the fast download speeds of BT Infinity, followed by an extra comfy Dreams ‘Everything Changes’ Replace Every 8 advert.

Next up is the highly popular Amazon ‘Little Horse’ commercial. If you thought that original film couldn’t have been made any better, prepare to be proved wrong. DFS’s ‘Nitty Gritty’ ad pops up next, before we finally get to see British Gas’s Wilbur the Penguin transformed from CGI form to KGI (Knit Generated Imagery).

After watching these brilliantly remade and amusing ads, I can’t help but wonder if all adverts, TV shows and films would look better and be more entertaining in wool form. On this evidence, I’d have to say yes.

If you’d like to find out more about Text Santa 2015 or how you can donate, please visit the ITV website.

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