ITV Advert, Christmas 2015 – ‘Do What You Want’ Trailer

ITV Advert Music 2015 – Singer and song details for the new ‘Come On In This Christmas’ TV trailer. #ITVChristmasness

Song Title: Amazing.

Artist/Singer: Foxes.

Now Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to ITV’s Christmas 2015 trailer is provided by the English singer-songwriter Foxes, aka Louisa Rose Allen.

Featured in the advert is the musicians brand-new single ‘Amazing’, which was only released for download on the 4th of December, 2015. This up-beat tune is the third track to be released from Foxes second studio album ‘All I Need’, which isn’t due out until February, 2016.

The above video, which was added to Foxes own official YouTube channel on the 7th of December, gives us a preview of what ITV has in store this festive season.

ITV’s ‘Come On In This Christmas’ ad includes clips of the final Downton Abbey Christmas episode, Coronation Street, Surprise Surprise, Keep It in the Family, Paul O’Grady – For the Love of Dogs, The Sound of Music Live, Keith Lemon’s Through The Keyhole, Big Star’s Little Star, John Bishop’s Gorilla Adventure and more.

Some of the lyrics from Amazing that you hear Foxes sing in the ITV advert are: ‘Do What You Want. I know, with you, tonight, could be amazing. Be amazing. I’m scared, to death, still I stood here waiting. Here waiting. Do What You Want. . .’

If you’re a fan of Foxes, you may have noticed that another of the 26-year-old’s songs ‘Body Talk’, is also currently featuring in a TV ad for Schwarzkopf Live.

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