iPhone X – Studio In Your Pocket – Apple

iPhone TV Advert Music 2018 – Video, song and artist details to Apple’s latest commercial for their iPhone X, Studio In Your Pocket.

It can be hard at times to keep track of all the different iPhone commercials being released by Apple, so if this isn’t the ad you were looking for, have a look at out other Apple TV Ad Song pages.

iPhone X Advert Music
Song Title: La Fête Noire.
Musician/Singer: Flavien Berger.
Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK or Amazon.com.

The French language soundtrack to this video is a song called ‘La Fête Noire’ and was recorded by Parisian singer-songwriter and musician Flavien Berger.

This single features on the French artists ‘Léviathan’ album and was released for download in April, 2015.

Apple’s new ‘Studio in your pocket’ advert was uploaded to their YouTube channel on the 14th of May, 2018 and focuses on some of the smartphones camera features. By selecting the iPhone X’s Stage Light option, the devices Portrait Lighting technology allows users to replicate the kinds of photographs normally taken using expensive light equipment.

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