iPhone 7 – Say It With Stickers ‘Practically Magic’

iPhone 7 Commercial Song 2017 – Soundtrack and singer details for Apple’s new ‘Say It With Stickers – Sticker Fight’ YouTube and TV advert.

Song Title: Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice.

Singers/Band: The Monks.

Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Along with the iPhone 7 itself, this latest TV ad from Apple promotes the iMessage sticker packs feature, encouraging viewers to ‘Say It With Stickers’.

The advert gives a real-word visual recreation of the message feature by showing kids and adults running around a city, slapping large CGI stickers on unsuspecting bystanders.

The song playing in the video is called ‘Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice’, a track released back in 1966 by German-based US rock band The Monks.

Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice features on the five-piece garage bands debut studio album ‘Black Monk Time’.

The above 60-second version of the ‘iPhone 7 – Sticker Fight’ commercial was posted to the official Apple YouTube page on the 13th of March, 2017, while the video is yet to be uploaded to the companies UK channel.

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