iPhone 7 Plus – Portrait Mode ‘Practically Magic’ – Apple

iPhone Commercial Song 2017 – Music and singers details for Apple’s latest ‘Take Mine – Practically Magic’ internet and TV ad for the iPhone 7 Plus, with portrait photo mode.

Song Title: Pame Sti Honolulu (Pame Sti Honoloulou).

Musicians/Singers: Bezos’ Hawaiian Orchestra.

Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Apple’s new advert for their iPhone 7 Plus shows off the devices Portrait Mode, which allows users to take better portrait photos by creating a depth-of-field effect that blurs the background and brings faces into even sharper focus.

The commercial shows a young woman visiting her small hometown where, after word spreads of her impressive new camera phone, local tradesmen and children all want their pictures taken.

Providing the soundtrack to this film are the Bezos’ Hawaiian Orchestra, with the song ‘Pame Sti Honolulu’.

Also referred to as ‘Pame Sti Honoloulou’, the track can be downloaded as a single, or as part of the album ‘Slidin’ On The Frets: The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Phenomenon’.

This 60-second commercial was posted to the official Apple YouTube channel on the 7th of January, 2017.

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