Apple iPhone 7 – Shot on iPhone 7 ‘One Night’

iPhone 7 Commercial Song 2017 – Video and musician details for the piano soundtrack to Apple’s new ‘One Night on Earth – Shot on iPhone 7’ YouTube and TV advert.

Song Title: Snowfall.

Artist/Musicians: Ahmad Jamal Trio.

Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Apple’s newest advert for the iPhone 7 again focuses on the devices impressive camera, this time showing a combination of time lapse-style film footage and still photos, all shot on the iPhone 7.

The images were captured by 16 different users in 15 cities, spread out across 6 continents, but all taken in one night.

The song playing in the commercial is a piano-based piece of jazz music called ‘Snowfall’ and is performed by the American pianist and composer Ahmad Jamal.

Snowfall was originally composed in 1941 by Claude Thornhill and has since been recorded with and without vocals by a long list of artists and groups.

Following their recent ‘Take Mine – Practically Magic’ ad, Apple’s 60-second version of their ‘One Night on Earth – Shot on iPhone 7’ commercial was posted to the companies official YouTube page on the 6th of February, 2017.

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