iPhone 7 – ‘Thunder’ Practically Magic – Apple

Apple Advert Song 2016 – Music and band details for the water-resistant iPhone 7 ‘Practically Magic’ Morning Ride internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Thunderstruck.

Musicians/Band: AC/DC.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

As one of a number of commercials recently released by Apple to promote the new iPhone 7, this particular ad focuses on the phones water-resistant qualities.

The advert shows a guy preparing to go out for a bike ride, despite the seriously dark stormy weather and the rain lashing down.

With his shiny new iPhone 7 attached to the handlebars, the ad finishes with the garage door opening and the on-screen message: ‘The water-resistant iPhone 7, practically magic’.

As most rock fans will have already noticed from watching this commercial, the song you hear playing is ‘Thunderstruck’ – A track from 1990 by the legendary Australian band AC/DC. This song also featured in an ad this time last year for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop.

As we mentioned when covering that advert, Thunderstruck was the first track released off AC/DC’s eleventh studio album ‘The Razors Edge’ and has now been downloaded more than 1 million times.

The above 30-second ‘Morning Ride’ video was posted to the official Apple YouTube page on the 18th of September, 2016 and is currently being shown during British TV ad breaks.

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