iPhone 12 Pro 5G Advert – The Most Powerful iPhone Ever

Here’s the new ‘Say Hello To 5G’ TV ad from Apple UK for the iPhone 12 Pro that’s available on the O2 network and is being promoted as “The Most Powerful iPhone Ever”.

The advert begins with a close-up look at the phone’s cameras and screen before a woman unleashes the 12 Pro’s power, blasting out a shockwave and blowing back everyone around her.

What’s the music in this iPhone 12 commercial?

Song Title 1: Gopher.
Artist: Yma Sumac.
Album: N/A.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Song Title: Drumdown Mambo.
Artist: Whethan (feat. Jasiah).
Album: Fantasy.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Although the way they’re mixed together makes this iPhone 12 Pro advert music sound like one song, the opening of the commercial actually features a tune titled ‘Gopher’ before it’s blended into the song ‘Drumdown Mambo’.

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