Intu Christmas Advert – Come and Play

Intu Advert Music, Christmas 2015 – Singer and song information for the shopping centres ‘Come and Play this Christmas’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: You Make Me Feel So Young.

Artist/Singer: Perry Como.

Available For Download FromAmazon and iTunes.

Intu’s first national Christmas commercial features the classic tune ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’.

Though probably most famously sung by Frank Sinatra, the version played in the ad appears to be the 1960 recording by fellow American performer Perry Como.

The advert starts off with an adult couple approaching an intu shopping centre, then as they pass through the doors, the pair are suddenly transformed into children. I’m not sure what would happen to any kids who walked through those doors, would they cease to exist?

Once inside, we see the entire centre is filled with just kids – not an adult in sight. Raising some questions about child labour laws, even the staff here are kids.
Offering adults the chance to feel like kids once again, this intu ad finishes with the slogan ‘Come and Play this Christmas’. The video was uploaded to the companies YouTube channel on the 5th of November, 2015.

Intu own a number of shopping centres around Britain, including such locations as Nottingham, Bromley, Derby, Newcastle, West Thurrock, Manchester, Milton Keynes and many more.

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