IKEA – Ghost Party

IKEA Advert Music 2018 – Watch the complete new ‘Ghosts – Be a Maverick with Fabric’ TV ad from IKEA, plus get all the song and download info.

IKEA UK’s clever new TV advert begins with a bunch of very traditional-looking white sheet ghosts, having a rather quiet and subdued get together, before a group of far more colourful sheets, rubs and curtains gatecrash the gathering to really get the party started!

Then when the homeowners pull back into the driveway, the colourful new arrivals quickly take their places to transform the look of this house for the better, leading to the commercials tagline ‘Be a Maverick with Fabric’.

IKEA ‘Ghosts Party’ Advert Soundtrack
Song Title: Come Baby Come.
Artist/Rapper: K7.
Download or stream via: iTunes & Amazon.

The upbeat song these gatecrashers play on the decks and dance to is ‘Come Baby Come’ by American rapper K7. The track was released as a single back in 1993 and peaked at number 3 on the UK countdown.

Come Baby Come also features on the hip-hop artists debut album ‘Swing Batta Swing’.

Becoming the latest advert in the Swedish furniture companies creative and long-running ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ campaign, this 60-second ‘Ghosts’ video was posted to the IKEA UK YouTube channel on 12 April, 2018.

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