IKEA Advert – Tortoise & Hare – Music by Roots Manuva

Here’s a look at the first new IKEA commercial that we’ve seen for a while. This full-length 90-second version of the advert, that’s titled ‘The Hare – Tomorrow Starts Tonight’, acts as a prequel to The Tortoise and the Hare tale.

The video shows your typical hare: going out partying to all hours, then staying up even later on his laptop until finally falling asleep in front of their laptop screen as the sun rises.

As the hare finally drifts off to sleep, our attention is turned to an early rising tortoise, who just happens to be an IKEA customer, fully recharged for the day (and race) ahead.

Not only is the tortoise nicely refreshed after a good night’s sleep, they also don’t have to worry about receiving a call from the government’s Test and Trace service, telling them they need to self-isolate because they failed to socially distance hours earlier!

Song Title: Witness (1 Hope).
Rapper: Roots Manuva.
Album: Run Come Save Me.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The IKEA advert tune playing in this ‘Tortoise & Hare’ film is a song by the British rapper and music producer Roots Manuva titled ‘Witness (1 Hope)’.

This track was released back in 2001 from the hip-hop artist’s second album ‘Run Come Save Me’ and includes the lyrics “Witness the fitness”.

According to IKEA, this ‘The Hare’ ad campaign is actually the “untold prequel to a well-known fable”, so now you know the rest of the story.

10 September 2020

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