IKEA – ‘You and Me Baby’ Wonderful Life

IKEA TV Ad 2016 – Song and singer details for IKEA’s latest #WonderfulEveryday Wonderful Life TV commercial.

Song Title: You and Me.

Singers/Band: Penny & The Quarters.

Available From: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to IKEA’s nostalgic new ‘Wonderful Life’ ad is provided by the American soul band Penny and the Quarters.

Believed to have been recorded sometime during the early 70’s, but not discovered until 2006, the song is titled ‘You And Me’.

The story goes that singer-songwriter Jay Robinson, female vocalist Nannie “Penny” Sharpe, a guitarist and a number of male backing singers recorded the track as a demo, under the name Penny & The Quarters.

For some reason You and Me wasn’t released at the time and wouldn’t be heard for another 40 years. It was only after the tape was found in 2006 that the song was then handed back to the record company.

Following its belated release, You and Me was then chosen by actor Ryan Gosling for use in his 2010 romantic drama ‘Blue Valentine’.

This latest advert in IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign follows a couples extraordinary life together, but showing it was in fact the small, everyday events which made it so wonderful.

The above full length 90-second version of the ad was posted to IKEA UK’s YouTube channel on the 19th of April, 2016.

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