IKEA – ‘The Joy Of Storage’

IKEA – Composer and song details for IKEA’s ‘The Joy Of Storage/The Wonderful Everyday’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: Big Things.

Composers/Musicians: Rhian Sheehan, Rachel Wood and Tony Morley.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

IKEA’s first TV ad of 2016 features a piece of piano music by the New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan, along with Tony Morley and Rachel Wood.

The song, which was released in 2013, is called ‘Big Things’. As well as being available to download as an individual single, the track can also be found on the various artists compilation album Velvet Ears 14.

If this ad from IKEA looks familiar, that’s because the same video has been broadcast by the Swedish furniture retailer before. However, the original commercial used a different soundtrack, previously featuring the song ‘Strength of an Empire’ by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. You can watch that 2015 version below.

The advert shows a group of flying bird-like t-shirts migrating from the frozen north to the slightly warmer climate of Britain. All this to finally take their place inside an IKEA wardrobe. The ad finishes with the narrator saying: “A home for all the things you love, that’s the joy of storage. IKEA, the wonderful everyday.”

The new version of this ad was uploaded to IKEA UK’s official YouTube page on the 15th of January, 2016.

The Joy Of Storage – 2015 Version

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