IKEA – Hooray! To The Wonderful Everyday

IKEA – Video, song and musician info to the Swedish furniture retailers brand new ‘Hooray! To The Wonderful Everyday’ commercial.

Song Title: I’m Shakin’.

Musician/Singer: Jack White.

Available To Download At: Amazon and iTunes.

This new TV ad from IKEA shows a family celebrating their son getting up early, which is strangely followed a few seconds later by their daughter arriving home from school having received a B. Something they of course also celebrate.

I’m sure if these ‘Wonderful Everyday’ adverts didn’t finish with the IKEA logo and slogan, I’d have no idea it was furniture being advertised.

The song playing in this commercial is called ‘I’m Shakin’ and was released for download as a single in 2012 by the American musician and singer-songwriter Jack White.

This 60-second ‘Hooray! To the Wonderful Everyday’ video was posted to the IKEA UK YouTube page on the 23rd of October, 2017.

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