IKEA – ‘Lion Man’ Relax Into Greatness

IKEA – Full video, music and artist details for IKEA’s brand new ‘Lion Man – Relax Into Greatness’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: By The Sleepy Lagoon.
Composer/Producer: Eric Coates and Paul Sumpter.
Download The Original Eric Coates Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

IKEA are back with another brand new ‘Wonderful Everyday’ TV advert, again finding a very unique way of showcasing their range of furniture items. This time we see a Lion Man making the most of his 18 hours a day of relaxation, sat back with his feet up while reading a book or taking a cat nap.

The background music featured in this commercial is a song called ‘By The Sleepy Lagoon’ by the English composer Eric Coates, with this version having gone through additional production by Paul Sumpter.

Although this exact version of By The Sleepy Lagoon doesn’t appear to be available for download, you can still get Eric Coates original.

The above full length 60-second version of this ‘Lion Man – #WonderfulEveryday’ video was originally uploaded to the official IKEA UK YouTube channel on the 10th of July, 2017 and has now been re-released in June, 2018.

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