2021 IKEA Advert – Fortune Favours The Frugal – Music by Space Invadas

Featuring a piece of soul music, for which we have all the details below, this first IKEA advert of 2021 advises viewers that “Fortune Favours the Frugal”.

With climate change news on the telly, this IKEA commercial shows a huge ball or asteroid made of waste products and packaging hurtling towards Earth.

After bits fly off and the asteroid burns up in our planet’s atmosphere, this ‘Wonderful Everyday’ ad finishes with a single plastic bottle landing in a family’s back garden, quickly being grabbed by a young girl and put in their recycling bin.

Song Title: Done It Again.
Artist: Space Invadas.
Album: Soul Fi.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

This ‘Fortune Favours the Frugal’ IKEA advert song is a tune called ‘Done It Again’ that was released back in 2010 by the suitably-named soul music duo Space Invadas, who consist of vocalist Steve Spacek and Australian producer Ashley Anderson.

7 January 2020

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