ibis Advert Song – Everybody’s Famous

ibis Advert Music 2015 – DJ and song details for the hotel companies ‘Chihuahua Under Hat’ and ‘Helicopter on Hotel Roof’ TV commercials.

Song Title: Everybody.

Artist/Singer: Martin Solveig.

Available For Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

The above ad for ibis hotels uses the soundtrack of ‘Everybody’ by the French electro DJ/singer-songwriter Martin Solveig.

Taken from the musicians second studio album ‘Hedonist’, the song was released as a single here in Britain back in 2008, when it reached number 22 in the singles chart.

This ibis commercial shows a glamours dark-haired woman called Adriana settling into a hotel, followed by her substantial entourage. With the ladies many bags and suitcases being transported for her, the one thing she chooses to carry for herself is her cute pet Chihuahua.

However, amidst all the chaos of bringing her stuff into the room, the little dog disappears under Adriana’s discarded hat. But when the item of headwear begins moving across the bed, seemingly of its own accord, her four-legged friend is soon rediscovered safe and well.

If this music and brand combo seems familiar, but the video doesn’t, that’s probably because the same song is also being used in another ibis advert. This time showing a couple arriving in a helicopter on the hotel roof, both this ad (below) and the ‘Chihuahua Under Hat’ version (above) were uploaded to the official ibis YouTube channel on the 24th of April, 2015.

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