IAMS Advert Song – Cat and Dog Food Commercial

IAMS Advert Music 2015 – Song details for the new ‘Make Every Bowl Count’ dog and cat food TV commercial.

Song Title: Fantastic Cat.

Artist/Singer: Takako Minekawa.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to IAMS latest TV ad is provided by the Japanese musician Takako Minekawa, with her keyboard-based tune ‘Fantastic Cat’.

Though originally included on the singer-songwriters 1996 album ‘Roomic Cube’, this track didn’t become widely known until 2006.

Fantastic Cat’s sudden increase in popularity was coincidently due to it being used in another TV advert, this time on an American commercial for Miller Genuine Draft beer.

This new ad for IAMS pet food shows a selection of cute cats and dogs helping themselves to some sneaky between-meals snacks. The message of the video is ‘what pets eat isn’t always what pets need’, so you should feed your four-legged friends proper, nutritious meals in the first place. Therefore keeping their appetites satisfied and avoiding unhealthy snacking – Could be a message for all of us there.

Well fed or not, I don’t believe too many animals are gonna say no to an unguarded hot dog or cupcake, and what’s a good home movie without a little treat? Amusingly though, as the cat gets stuck into the popcorn, their canine companion appears far too focused on the film for eating.

The above video was uploaded to the IAMS Europe YouTube page on the 5th of October, 2015.

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