Hyundai Tucson Advert – Lucky Me

Hyundai promotes their new Tucson SUV in this ‘Lucky Guy’ advert, which shows a guy rushing around in his everyday work and family life. Then, when he finally gets a chance to enjoy some quality time out with his family, an observer calls him “One lucky guy”.

Hyundai Tucson TV Advert Music
Song Title: Lucky Lucky Lucky Me.
Artists: Evelyn Knight with The Ray Charles Singers.
Download From: iTunes.

Hyundai UK posted the ‘Lucky Guy’ advert to their YouTube channel on 30 July, 2018. Providing the soundtrack to this ad is the US singer Evelyn Knight, with their version of a song called ‘Lucky Lucky Lucky Me’. The song includes the lyrics “I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours. That leaves eight hours for fun”. It sounds nice in theory, but if only life was that simple.

Evelyn was joined on this track by The Ray Charles Singers, who were given their name by Perry Como. They were in fact not a single group of singers, but actually various combinations of vocalists who sang in recording studio sessions and live performances. These singers also provided backing vocals on some of Buddy Holly’s last songs and even worked on many US TV commercial jingles.

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