Hyundai KONA – You Drive It, You Define It

Hyundai KONA – Full commercial video and soundtrack info to the ‘You Drive It, You Define It’ YouTube and TV Advert.

Music Composer: Jakob Rabitsch.
Song Title: Roll the Dice.

Hyundai have been broadcasting a very short ‘KONA By Hyundai’ advert on TV for a while now, but here’s a look at the full length 60-second video.

Telling viewers ‘You dream it. You see it. You desire it.You wish it.You live it’, the commercial shows, amongst other things, the SUV being driven around city streets and a woman in a swimming pool at night.

According to Hyundai, the soundtrack to this ad campaign was composed by Jakob Rabitsch, with the track being titled ‘Roll the Dice’. The song has not been released for download.

The above #YouDefineIt video was added to the Hyundai UK YouTube page on the 26th of October, 2017.

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