Hyundai i20 Active – Urban Adventurer

Hyundai i20 Active – September, 2015 ‘Urban Adventurer’ TV commercial.

Here’s a look at the brand-new TV ad for the Hyundai i20 Active – a compact, off-road looking, ‘rugged crossover’.

Based on the current i20 Coupe, the Active features raised suspension and additional body kit, designed to make it look like a mini SUV.

The video shows a group of trendy 20-somethings driving around deserted city streets, before stopping off for a spot of water sports action, urban skateboarding and bungee jumping. The type of lifestyle all i20 Active owners will no doubt lead.

The ad was uploaded to Hyundai UK’s YouTube page on the 15th of September, 2015.

The advert from features a dance song, which from what we can tell, appears to be a remix of a Garageband or Logic Pro 8 user created song. You can listen to one example in the video below.

The version from the ad (or any other version we’ve heard) currently appears to be unreleased for download and we’re not sure who its creators are.

The lyrics used in the commercial are ‘Come on baby feel the vibe, let me take you on a ride’.

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