Hula Hoops Puft Advert Song – ‘Bouchez’

Hula Hoops Puft Ad Music 2015 – Song details for the August/September ‘Fun Never Grows Up’ TV Commercial.

What’s the name of the song used in the Hula Hoops Puft advert and who’s it by?

The track featured in this ad is a special remix of Stereo De Luxe’s ‘Bouchez’. The version used in the commercial was remixed especially for Hula Hoops. You can download the very similar sounding, original version from iTunes and Amazon.

Bouchez first featured on the soundtrack of the Sony PlayStation puzzle-platform game LittleBigPlanet.

The song has been used on a couple of other Hula Hoops ‘Fun Never Grows Up’ ads, which you can watch below.

The one showing the woman dancing with fingers for legs and Hula Hoops crisps as shoes, first aired in June, 2015. However, the two ads with just hands wearing skirts are more recent, both uploaded to the companies YouTube channel on the 17th of August.

Low budget but effective, these two latest adverts are the kind you could quite easily have a go at recreating yourself. Like the slogan says, Fun Never Grows Up.

If you check out Hula Hoops official YouTube page, you can watch a selection of similar videos, including: Festival Fun, World Jump Day, Russian Dancing, Synchronised Swimming and Saturday Night Fever.

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