HTC Advert – Squeeze The Brilliant U

HTC Advert Video 2017 – Watch this ‘Squeeze The Brilliant U’ YouTube and TV commercial from smartphone manufacturer HTC.

This HTC internet and TV ad basically consists of clips of people squeezing a wide variety of items, from a lemon to bubble wrap, from a foam sponge to a power drill, and from a trumpet to a teddy bear.

The advert promotes the technology companies new HTC U11 phone, which thanks to its Edge Sense sides, allows users to activate certain functions, like taking a picture, simply by giving the device a squeeze.

The commercial features what appears to be an original piece of music, likely created especially for the ad. Therefore we don’t expect this tune to be released as a single for download.

HTC originally posted this colourful 30-second ‘Squeeze the Brilliant U’ video to their official YouTube channel on the 27th of April, 2017.

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