HSBC – Voice ID Password ‘Kids Secret Den’

HSBC – Music and band info for the ‘Secret Den – My Voice Is My Password’ internet and TV ad.

Song Title: Lost Kid.

Singers/Band: The Apache Relay.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

HSBC’s first commercial of 2017 promotes the companies new Voice ID security technology for telephone banking, where your own voice acts as your password.

The ad shows a young boy desperate to play with the other kids, but seemingly unable to access their den without a secret code.

After trying out all kinds of different knocks and, what appears to be, a haka, the boy finally receives a text message telling him that his voice is his password. Then just from speaking those words out loud, a ladder comes down and he’s instantly granted access to the groups treehouse.

Beginning with the lyrics ‘Sometimes I feel like, I’m just a lost kid. Stumbling through these towns, stuck in between highways. Nothing feels the same’, the soundtrack to this advert are Nashville-based American folk-rock band The Apache Relay, with their appropriately titled song ‘Lost Kid’.

Released for download as a single back in February, 2014, the track features on the groups album ‘American Nomad’.

The above 60-second video was added to the official HSBC UK YouTube channel on the 3rd of January, 2017 and is already being broadcast on TV and catch-up services.

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