HSBC – Football Sticker Album

Soundtrack info for HSBC’s new ‘Super Rare’ Pegatina Zumo football sticker TV commercial.

Song Title: I’ve Got My Mind Set on You.

Artist/Singer: James Ray.

Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Telling viewers how little things can make a big difference, HSBC’s latest ad showcases the companies new mobile banking app.

Available to download free for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, the app features Fast Balance that allows you to check your balance without logging in, PayM for sending and receiving payments to and from your contacts, and Mobile Transfers for moving money between accounts.

This ‘Super Rare’ advert from HSBC shows a young girl desperately trying to complete her football album by getting hold of an illusive Pegatina Zumo sticker.

With the girls father now tempted to pay big bucks for the sticker online, her mother decides to go one better by taking them to visit the (presumably) fictional soccer player in person, taking a photo of their own to complete the collection.

The song playing in the ad is American R&B singer James Ray’s original 1962 version of ‘I’ve Got My Mind Set on You’ – A track which was covered in 1987 by Beatles member George Harrison.

This 60-second Retail Banking video was uploaded to HSBC UK’s YouTube channel on the 21st of August, 2016.

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