House of Fraser – Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas

House of Fraser, Christmas 2017 – Singers and song info to the new ‘Bring Merry Back’ festive TV and YouTube ad.

Song Title: Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas.
Group/Vocalists: The Staple Singers.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

House of Fraser have released some very popular Christmas TV adverts over the last couple of years, especially their ‘You Don’t Own’ ad in 2015. However, despite their success, some viewers criticised the commercials for not being Christmassy enough.

So perhaps with some of those comments in mind, the retailer have now released this ‘Bring Merry Back’ advert for 2017, which takes a nostalgic look at how childhood memories of Christmas can stay with us our entire lives.

Titled ‘Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas’, the song featured in the video is performed by American gospel, R&B and soul vocal group, The Staple Singers.

Going slightly under the radar in comparison to the usual John Lewis campaign hype, this 60-second ‘Bring Merry Back’ ad was posted to the House of Fraser YouTube channel on the 8th of November, 2017.

Despite this years advert looking far more traditional than HoF’s recent offerings, it’s hard to see this particular campaign and soundtrack drawing anywhere near as much attention as their earlier, more distinctive and higher energy creations.

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