H&M – Winona Ryder & Elizabeth Olsen

H&M Spring Collection 2018 Advert Song – Watch the full length video, plus get all the music and actresses details to this latest H&M YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Know How.
Artist/Rapper: Young MC.
Download or stream via: Amazon UK, Amazon.com, iTunes or Apple Music.

Fashion retailer H&M have just released the TV ad for their new Spring 2018 collection, showing lots of women dancing together, both in a bar and out on the streets.

In addition to a large cast of dancers and models, this film also stars actresses Winona Ryder and Elizabeth Olsen.

The upbeat soundtrack to this commercial, which replaces the slow music we hear at the opening, is a song called ‘Know How’.

This track was recorded in 1988 by English-born American singer/rapper Young MC and features on the artists debut album ‘Stone Cold Rhymin’.

H&M posted the above full length version of their new ad campaign to YouTube on the 19th of March, 2018.

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