Heinz Beanz Can Song Advert Lyrics and Video #cansong

Video and lyrics details for Heinz baked beans new #cansong internet and TV commercial.

Song Title: Can Song.

In a musical composition that can’t help but remind me of Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song ‘When I’m Gone’ from the movie Pitch Perfect, Heinz Beanz bring us the ‘Can Song’.

The lyrics to the song are: ‘Come warm your bones, make yourself at home. Darling, smile. We are right as rain. Oh, we all need love, that simple love. And we are whole again.’

‘In the still of night, by the desktop light. We can dream. A dream that never ends. Oh we all need love, that sweet-sweet love. That makes us whole again.’

‘Yes I need you, darling, come what may. You’re the strength that gets me through the day. Meet me at the old cafe. I’m on my way. Oh, we’re whole again! We’re whole again! Yes we are whole again.’

The track isn’t currently available to download but, if you’d like to learn how to perform the Can Song for yourself, I recommend watching the animated tutorial video below. Tip, unless you already have an empty tin to hand, you may want to build up an appetite first.

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