Heineken – ‘Crash Bang Boomerang’ Rugby World Cup

Song and singer details for ‘The Coin’ Rugby World Cup TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: Boomerang Song.
Artist/Singer: Brixtone (feat. Kristin Shey).
Listen to a preview or Download now at: Amazon and iTunes.

When the commercial debuted online back in mid-August, its soundtrack was originally credited as Miss Cass.

However, we now know the track featured in this new 2015 Heineken Rugby World Cup advert is called ‘Boomerang Song’ and is performed by Brixtone, featuring vocals from Kristin Shey.

This is a brand new tune and was only just released for download on the 12th of September, 2015.

Though we may not be word perfect, the lyrics to the main part of the song featured in this ad go something like: ‘Crash bang boomerang, you hit me hard. Crash bang boomerang, right from the start. Crash bang boomerang, you know the score. You always know when time is right and come back for more. Crash bang boomerang, what a surprise. Crash bang boomerang, you spin me high’.

The commercial follows a guy desperately trying to get the match coin to the referee in time for kick off. With just minutes to go, he works his way through the London crowds, into the stadium, up the lift, down the corridors, via an unscheduled visit to the players dressing room, stops by to check out the tournament trophy, attempts a quick drink in the VIP area (that really looks like Mr Carson from Downton Abbey), before finally handing the ref his all important coin.

That’s a lot of music and action for a 1 minute ad.

This ‘Open Your World’ TV advert forms part of Heineken’s global ‘It’s Your Call’ campaign, designed to coincide with the Dutch brewing companies sponsorship of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Being held in multiple stadiums throughout England, the tournament is due to start on Friday the 18th of September, with the final taking place on Saturday the 31st of October, 2015.

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