Head & Shoulders for Men – Footballers

Head & Shoulders Advert Song 2018 – Video, music and football player details to the shampoo brands ‘Let Nothing Hold You Back – #JustWatchMe’ TV commercial.

In the World Cup year of 2018, Head & Shoulders are running this TV ad campaign starring footie players who are French striker Antoine Griezmann, along with Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who, with Italy having failed to qualify for the World Cup, should at least be having a relaxing summer.

Advert Music
Song Title: Just Watch Me.
Artist: Kelvyn Colt.

The song playing in this ad is ‘Just Watch Me’, which was recorded by the German-born rapper Kelvyn Colt. Surprisingly though, this track appears to have been recorded just for the commercial and hasn’t been released for download.

The ‘Footballers Gianluigi Buffon & Antoine Griezmann #JustWatchMe’ advert video was posted to the Head & Shoulders YouTube channel on 16 March, 2018.

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