Harveys Advert Song – ‘Who Wouldn’t Love You’

Harveys Advert Music: New ‘Meet the Harveys’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Who Wouldn’t Love You.

Forming part of the furniture retailers new ‘Meet the Harveys’ campaign, their new TV ad features a song called ‘Who Wouldn’t Love You’. Since way back in the 1940’s, different versions of this tune have been recorded by such artists as The Ink Spots, Kay Kyser, Faron Young, Lawrence Walk and The Lennon Sisters.

We’re not currently sure who’s singing the track you hear in the commercial, but it doesn’t sound exactly like any of the most famous versions we’ve come across. Despite having that retro sound though, it’s still possible this is a new cover version of the song produced especially for the advert.

The video shows a family, who I assume are the Harvey’s, moving into their new house. As the removal company transports the families furniture inside, the new neighbours become distracted from their gardening as they look on in fascination and envy. Then finally to top things off and really make next door jealous, the newcomers have a brand new sofa delivered by Harveys. The ad is scheduled to premiere on selected UK television channels on Wednesday the 16th of September, 2015.

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