The Happy Egg Co – Where happy hens lay tasty eggs

Happy Egg Company Advert Song 2016 – Music and singer info for the free-range egg brands new dance-filled ‘Where happy hens lay tasty eggs’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do).

Artist/Singer: Frank Wilson.

Available For Download At: iTunes and Amazon.

The Happy Egg Co - Chain of happiness
This new TV advert for The Happy Egg Co shows it’s apparently not just the hens who’re having a good time.

With some people so happy they just have to dance, the 30-second ‘Chain of Happiness’ ad follows the joy these eggs spread, from the farm, all the way to the dinner plate.

The suitably upbeat song playing in the advert is called ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’, a single released in 1965 by the American soul singer Frank Wilson.

Originally released on Motown’s subsidiary label Soul, Do I Love You later arrived in Britain in 1979 on the Tamla-Motown label and is still a big favourite amongst fans of the Northern Soul movement.

Although now available for anyone to download, original physical copies of the record are considered rare and highly sort after.

This commercial for The Happy Egg Company was released in mid-October, 2016 and should begin airing on TV anytime now.

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