Halifax Advert 2021 – Song by Oasis

Here you can watch the full-length 90-second YouTube video version of the new 2021 Halifax advert, plus we have all the details on the Oasis song that provides the soundtrack.

As the guitar rift plays, we see people living their lives with some happy moments and some very sad ones too.

The Halifax ad appears to have been filmed, or at least set, in pre-covid times, with no signs of face masks or social distancing. But I guess if you want to look at things more optimistically, you could say the commercial is set in post-covid times, with a view to the video’s longer-term use.

He’s not exactly Messi, but the ad finishes with a Halifax member of staff ‘trapping’ a football under his foot and passing it back down the pavement before heading inside his branch. The voice-over then says “For the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Halifax. It’s a people thing”.

Halifax Advert Song Title: Stand by Me.
Band: Oasis.
Album: Be Here Now.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The music playing in this 2021 Halifax TV advert is a song by Britpop band Oasis titled ‘Stand by Me’.

This Manchester rock group released the track back in 1997 from their third album ‘Be Here Now’ but, despite being a massive hit, the single only peaked at number 2 on the UK charts.

Featuring the lyrics “Stand by me. Nobody knows the way it’s gonna be”, the song was kept off the top spot by Elton John’s re-written and re-recorded version of ‘Candle in the Wind’, which was released as a tribute to Princess Diana and would have outsold any other single.

We don’t tend to hear Oasis songs used in TV ad campaigns that often, especially the original versions. I guess Noel Gallagher wouldn’t want his music associated with just any old brand or company. A cover of ‘Wonderwall’ featured in this Renault Clio advert and a cover of ‘Half The World Away’ provided the soundtrack to the John Lewis ‘Man On The Moon’ ad.

There are certain Oasis songs that many people who aren’t really fans of the band still like and I think it’s fair to say that this track is one of those. Also, judging by the popularity of this new Halifax ad campaign, Stand By Me appears to have aged rather well and may now be creating new Oasis fans who are too young to have caught the Britpop wave of the mid-90s.

13 February 2021

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