Haig Club – ‘Leave As You Arrived’ David Beckham Commercial

Haig Club Commercial Song 2017 – David Beckham leaves as he arrived in this new TV advert for his single grain whisky brand, Haig Club.

Music Title: Carte Postale.

Singer/Group: Slove.

Download the full song from: Amazon and iTunes.

Promoting responsible drinking, Haig Club’s new TV ad encourages viewers to ‘Leave as you arrived’. The video shows rewinding footage of ex-footballer David Beckham entering a nightclub at 1:00am, before enjoying a few drinks and leaving at 9:00pm.

If David really did have the ability to wind back time, he’d probably go to a different club, seeing how he wasn’t sipping his first drink until 9:35. No VIP treatment for Mr Beckham there.

The song playing in this advert is titled ‘Carte Postale’ and is performed by French electronic indie pop band Slove. Carte Postale was released for download back in 2011.

This 60-second edit of their #LeaveAsYouArrived commercial was uploaded to the official Haig Club YouTube channel on the 14th of November, 2017.

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